Safety Tips


Meeting people online can be a fun, exciting experience. The internet allows people from all corners of the world to connect and communicate in a way that no other medium allows. Many of the people who join web sites that aim to bring people together in love and friendship, are people just like you. It can be a very rewarding experience making virtual connections with people you would otherwise never have met.



Many of you are working and living away from your established social networks. Many of you are also working in insecure environments where you may stand out from the crowd because of your job, gender or race. Always use caution communicating on the site and protect yourself !


When using the site we advise that you:

 Do not share your personal details (email address, phone number) on message boards, in chatrooms, or directly with people about whom you do not know enough to take such chances. Don't share you personal information, too soon.

  Be  suspicious of anyone trying to get you to communicate off the site on their first email to you.

  Set your Preferences  to allow access to your profile from who you want. For example you can place pictures of yourself in your photo album to be viewed only with an access key.

  Use the sites' mail and chat services, they are free to all members and give you anonymity until you are ready share personal details.

  Report to the sites' administrator (contact us) any member who you feel their behaviour is of concern.

  When you Communicate off the site in the beginning  use contact details that give you a level of privacy. For example use skype instead of your home number.

  Meet in a public place on your first date.

The following site gives more good advice: onlinedatingmagazine


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