Basic Profile

  • Male

  • Organisation

  • Intellectual stimulation

  • 41

  • United States / Florida / Punta Gorda

  • United States

  • musician, artist, journalist and all around good guy, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  • not looking for a partner, except maybe in business

General Profile

  • Widowed

  • Have adult children

  • Technical

  • Post Graduate

Physical Profile

Social Profile

  • Enjoying the great outdoors


  • I don't dream, I do

  • a place to spend the night

  • Everglades National Park


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Comments (2)

mercedes is offline top mercedes said on 01/30/2010 02:45 PM :

No not the boss, just an occasional blogger.

javamanmonk is offline top javamanmonk said on 01/30/2010 03:28 PM :

I'll keep an eye on your tweets, always glad to hook up with neighbors, need anything shout, dm whatever!