Basic Profile

  • Male

  • Female, Organisation

  • Friend for Holiday/R&R

  • 35

  • Morocco/Maroc

  • Morocco/Maroc

  • Rabat

  • Hi looking for friends or organisation with common interest; having preoccupation about the alarming situation of the environmt & also intercultures dialogue, ready to discuss, here Iam

  • hi every one, ready for discussion here I am

General Profile

  • Single

  • Don't have any children

  • Journalist/Writer

  • Post Graduate

  • Muslim

Physical Profile

  • Average

  • Multi Racial

  • 5'11"(180cm)

  • Other

  • Other

Social Profile

  • Don't smoke

  • Enjoying the great outdoors


  • become an imminent political analyst

  • in my girlfriend"flat

  • in a TV Channel


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Comments (2)

mercedes is offline top mercedes said on 10/25/2008 06:40 PM :

they blocked your email. What do you mean home is in your girlfriends flat.

surfer82 is offline top surfer82 said on 10/25/2008 07:04 PM :

what I mean is that the place where I feel at ease, relaxed & enjoying myself is in my girl's flat. hope it"s clearer now