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  • Female

  • Male, Female

  • Dating

  • 36

  • United States

  • United States

  • Mobile

  • Lover of life. I enjoy kayaking, art, animal rescue, volunteering, and always being outside. I'm happy, and that's a great feeling.

  • I'm an art therapist and therapeutic recreation specialist. I love anything outdoors, my animals are my life, travel soothes my soul, painting does too. I love volunteering with animal rescues, the local theater, as well as a special needs dance class. I kayak every chance I get, and know that kindness makes the world go round

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  • Divorced

  • Don't have any children

  • Other

  • Post Graduate

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  • Enjoying the great outdoors


  • Making the world better in any way I can. This typically involves animals but people are cool too smile

  • Around the water

  • Special needs camps in AL and a school in Guatemala


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taifelipe is offline top taifelipe said on 08/05/2017 07:09 PM :

I teach sustainable sculptural building out of natural materials at our school in Fiji and also in California. We are at Sustainable Fiji.
Maybe you would like to host an art therapy retreat at our organic farm at the beach? Let's talk!

I also lived in New Zealand for five years mostly in Northland and many years in Europe and Mexico . Planning to go back to the South Pacific/Australasia soon... I'm Based in Fiji/California now. Enjoy!