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  • Long term relationship

  • 34

  • Germany

  • Germany

  • Give me some time i just got

  • It took me some time to land in the humanitarian bubble. .. Spent a lot of time in Israel before..then ended up coordinating  medical missions in different disasters to avoid getting lost in phd theory
    and now I'm in hq managing projects in Nepal and Syria
    That's a very short start smile

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  • Single

  • Don't have any children

  • Program Coordination

  • Post Graduate

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  • In a landcruiser


  • That changes all the time...but often people i connect with feel like home. Might be friendships going way back family or the people i worked with in tough missions...
    Or just humus jazz and beach

  • Mmmh is that the country dropping area?
    Was not a disaster but i once wrote part of my dissertation on a bamboo hut in a dolphin reef at the red sea..


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taifelipe is offline top taifelipe said on 08/05/2017 07:16 PM :

Was für eine Profile interessant! Wo in Deutschland im Moment?
Ich gehe nach Berlin für ITB in März
Besuchen sie uns in Fiji or California

I teach sustainable sculptural building out of natural materials at our school in Fiji and also in California. We are at Sustainable Fiji.
Maybe you would like to volunteer or work at our organic farm at the beach?

I also lived in New Zealand for five years mostly in Northland and many years in Europe and Mexico . Planning to go back to the South Pacific/Australasia soon... I'm Based in Fiji/California now. Enjoy!