Humanitarian Dating Privacy Policy


The Humanitarian Dating Privacy Policy describes how we treat personal information when you use Humanitarian Dating's services, including information provided when you use Humanitarian Dating. The following describes our additional privacy practices that are specific to Humanitarian Dating.

Personal information

  • You need a Humanitarian Dating Account to use Humanitarian Dating. Humanitarian Dating asks for some personal information when you create a Humanitarian Dating Account, including your email address and a password, which is used to protect your account from unauthorized access.
  • As an Humanitarian Dating member, you can create a profile that includes personal information, such as your gender, age, occupation, hobbies, and interests, plus other content, such as photos. This information may be accessed and viewed by other Humanitarian Dating members, as determined by your privacy settings.
  • When you invite new members into your network or send messages through Humanitarian Dating, we collect and maintain information associated with those messages, including email addresses and content.

Uses and Information Sharing

  • Humanitarian Dating maintains and processes your personal information and content of your communications in order to provide your Humanitarian Dating account, access to that account, and use of Humanitarian Dating services, in addition to the purposes described in the Humanitarian Dating Privacy Policy. Your profile information is displayed according to the preferences you set in your account.
  • We use your name and email address to notify you of new members, messages, or other information, such as invitations to join friends' networks.

Your settings

  • Humanitarian Dating provides a number of tools to restrict who can view your profile and other personal information.
  • You can update your profile information at any time by clicking on the "edit" button in your profile setting.
  • Messages you receive from Humanitarian Dating can be sent to your primary email address or Humanitarian Dating inbox, depending on the preferences you choose in the "my settings" page.
  • You can terminate your account at any time. To learn how, click here. If you terminate your account, your profile, including any messages in your inbox, will be removed from the site and deleted from Humanitarian Dating servers. Because of the way we maintain this service such deletion may not be immediate, and residual copies of your profile information may remain on backup media.

For more information about our privacy practices, go to the full privacy policy. If you have additional questions, please contact us any time.