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Free Shane Campaign

What a week. It has been about 10 days now since our logistician Shane was detained.  It has been a really difficult week for everyone, no doubt Shane as well.  Shane was trying to guarantee humanitarian access to a population in danger. The government were caught wind of Shane's humanitarian activities and since then he has been locked up. We have been trying to keep the story quiet so that the Aus Consulate people could work quietly behind the scenes.

Yesterday the story broke in an Australian newspaper and we battled to keep the story so as not to endanger Shane. But then I thought this is going too slowly and we have to do something. So we are now making a press release and we hope that a little pressure and media attention can get Inepd Shane out of the slammer.  The Australian High Commission in Nairobi really has to send a consulate to try and get Shane's release. Lets hope it all goes well. I will keep you all updated and hope for Shane's early release.
Posted by mercedes on 08/26/2009 12:47 PM 0 comments