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Humanitarian Couple of the Year Awards: Questions and Answers

It's that time of year again. We have been getting quite a few queries about the awards so I thought I might post some of the frequently asked questions. Still plenty of space if you want to enter.  Please really think hard before you enter this type of competition. Last year there were lots of tears and not just from the winners but also about half the competitors. This kind of competition always takes it toll on relationships, many only days or weeks old and last year was no exception with about half of the couples breaking up before the bar closed at 3am.

Ok here we go with the questions and answers:

Q: Would one person with dual nationality qualify?
A: Yes you can enter by yourself. It would be great to have you on board and I am sure you will be a lot more reliable than a lot of the couples that sign up. You will have to bring along a wig and glasses and two sets of clothes for each of the dress catergories as well as perform two routines for the talent competition. I don't think anyone will notice as long as you don't win then we might have problems when we try and give the award to both of you (we can cross that hurdle when we come to it).

To be honest. I really wanted just a Humanitarian of the Year Award but the directors of Inepd really insisted on it saying there were too many Humanitarian of the Year Awards and that we would always look second rate unless we got Angelina along(she is so busy!!). The couples are always a lot of trouble. Most of these humanitarian relationships seem to last as long their all inclusive package holiday to the Costa Brava. We have had some pretty nasty breakups and incidents at the awards ceremony. Last year the winning couple from Inepd Brazil after being awarded their cubic zirconia cystal encrusted vase and batik pillow covers proceeded to wrestle them from each other and fell 2 metres into the decorative fountain and needed medical attention. Thankfully the vase was saved although the pillow covers did run a little.

Q: Is it possible to enter a couple on a blind date? I have two friends who with a bit of added pressure might take going on a date seriously.
A: Yes this would be great. There is a part of one of the quiz section a bit like one of those French I love you shows where couples have to know lots about each other and then sing a song and make an emotional speech to one another and then both cry and start passionately kissing. This is always a bit of a highlight. We could give a few of the quiz questions to them before hand. Hopefully there is some real chemistry between them or that they can act abit. Things are building up nicely for the big night now and hopefully Sigfried and Roy will be fine on the night.

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Give me a malnutrition program anyday!!!

Tense discussions today in the management meeting. The advocacy department really wants to step up its' international campaign on climate change. Although it does appear an important area to look at it really doesn't raise funds like a malnutrition program or an earthquake. The only saving grace was that the G8 last week didn't really come up with anything on climate change. So our top campaign for the next month is the African Famine Appeal. Nothing too original but a good solid campaign.
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The Economic Crisis

Like many Non Governemental Organisations the International Network for Enabling Poverty Development is seeing its income starting to fall. Our budgets are already out just one month into the financial year and it looks like there will have to be cuts. It is sad that many programs that help the poor will have to close. Some programs in Latin America, Asia and Africa have been running for 20 years or more and will soon be cut with. Not only do we lose great programs that support so many needy people but we also lose skilled staff and the incredible knowledge and capacity. Fortunately the marketing department is safe from cuts as well as our headquarters here in London. Marketing and communciations becomes ever more important in helping raise our profile and income in these difficult times.

On the brighter side I met an adorable logistician coming in from Ethiopia. He was a bit upset the poor dear having to closing up his program and sack all the staff. We met yesterday afternoon at a farewell drink for one of the program staff off to Zimbabwe. We found out we had a lot in common I like cocktails and he used to work in cacktail bar, he knew everyone of my favorites off by heart.  So we are meeting up tonight so should be a fun.
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