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Campaigns for Change

Today we spent the day at a workshop to develop our advocacy and marketing campaigns for the coming year. It is always difficult to get the right balance between presenting a simple message the public can understand as well as one that we can draw donations from. Unfortunately the program departments seldom come up with anything at all interesting and want to focus on forgotten conflicts and water and toilets that really don’t capture anyone’s imagination. We are running with a new series of campaigns on stopping poverty that will link into our christmas gifts. Some of the slogans are ‘Can poverty be made more bearable?’(with a picture of bear related to some program). ‘Can Poverty be made more Baaahable?’(with a picture of a sheep related to some program). Well not that original but a start and we can call the workshop a success especially the gourmet sandwiches.

We have formed a working group to move these ideas forward and will hopefully be able to link them up with some of our programs and maybe even an advocacy campaign. We put a few interns in the working group as they are always enthusiastic and will always work there little fingers to the bone god bless them. Well better go a few emails then off to the bar and a fantastic B-List ‘Homeless Charity Event’ I am sure to get in Hello Magazine tonight as there should be enough celebs around. Caio

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All by Myself

It’s 9:pm watching Bridget Jones’ Diary for the umpteenth time and wondering wether I am a bit like her. By myself in my loft apartment and only the lights of London, a glass of chardony and the occasional glimpse of Hugh Grant to keep me company. Moments like these at least give me the chance to think about what is really important in life and some time for introspection. Sure I’ve got a great job and great friends but is there more to life; could I be doing something more improtant with my life and where is Mr Right? Sometimes I really think I need to just stop and look around and give myself a chance to really look at my life and what’s important... Oh that’s the bell; It must be Julio. We are going to a “give everyone some water” type charity event in Soho. Julio is from Argentina and doing some modelling work here I met him at an Aids benefit last night. Got to go Ciao.

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