Welcome to Humanitarian Dating

Humanitarian Dating is a not for profit dating site and a community of thousands of members who are straight, gay, lesbian and both young and old. Our members come from diverse ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds from nearly every country on the planet. Our members care about making their own communities and the world a more just place for all. We have members who make a difference in their own communities as well as many working internationally as humanitarian and development workers.

This email contains some information on the site and its features.


If you are having any problems with using the site please contact us using our contact form.

Privacy and Security
Firstly please read our safety tips. We try our utmost to ensure that Humanitarian Dating is a safe environment in which to meet like minded people. Please always remember that unless you are a paid member (where you have additional privavcy options) the information you post on the site is public. We restrict access to non-members in the number and content of profiles they can view. We do not allow non-members to view photos (only thumbnails).

Comments you make on photos, profiles and blogs are public. To ensure your security we do not allow personal contact details of members in profiles, blog or photo comments(telephone numbers, email addresses, IM details). We scan all communications and we manually approve all members coming onto the site to ensure those that  our members are genuine and are not a risk to other members.

Where members are living and working in isolated and insecure areas we ask you to carefully think through what information you want to be made public. Please see the My Settings
page where you can choose which parts of your profile are to be made only available to friends.

Site Features

Humanitarian Dating is now a paid dating site. However the site has many areas where you can particpate and meet our thousands of members as a free member. As a free member you are able to write blogs as well as post your profile and pictures.


Paid membership gives you extra forms of communication such as being able to chat, send flirts, access IM and allows you to write email messages to other members. Paid membership also allows you to manage networks so you can choose what photos and information you would like to share with friends in your network and what information you want other members to see.


Profiles and Photos

Profiles can have both public and private content. Photos and contact details can be shared if you choose to make another member a friend in your network(and you are a paid member). You can use Skype and Yahoo IM directly from our site to members who are in your friends network.


There are a few ways you can communicate on the site. Here is a brief description of what you get:

  • Email system: our email system allows you to write messages with rich text with smileys, links and quotes. You can can create folders and filters to easily sort your mail.

  • Flirts: Flirts are an easy way to contact someone your interested in.

  • Posts on blogs, profiles and photos: Posts allow and direct and quick way to communicate. Posts can contain rich text, smileys, quotes, links, video and pictures. All members can freely post on member profiles.

  • Chat: The site has a number of chat rooms and we have 1-2-1 chat facilities.

  • Instant Messaging: You can directly IM you friends(only your friends can access you by IM services) on the site.

Saved Searches:  Saved searches allow you to save any number of searches you make so that you will be automatically emailed with the search result when members of interest sign up. It is a convenient way to check who is coming onto the site from your regular mail box.

Blogs and Bloggers

It is free to blog on humanitarian dating and is part of the service if you are a free member. You will find bloggers on our site from all over the world working as aidworkers in humanitarian and international development settings as well bloggers discussing their own lives and communities. It is possible to post pictures and embed videos in our blogs.


We have two pricing options for Humanitarian Dating. We have a One Week Trial that is $4.95 USD  and a Lifetime Membership $9.95 USD.The following tables gives you a break down of services provided:


Basic Member

Paid Member

read messages

write messages


reply to messages


send flirt

upload photos

write comments


write blogs

view profiles

view photos


save searches

manage networks




Instant Messaging



Profits from Humanitarian Dating

At present we are still developing the site. We will publish our expenses and income statements on a regular basis once we have established the viability of the site. Profits from the site will go to international humanitarian organisations using a transparent slection criteria.

Cancelling your Membership
Cancelling your membership only takes a few seconds. If you no longer wish to be a part of the Humanitarian Community then simple follow the My Settings link from your Home page and click "Cancel Account" .