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Humanitarian Dating is a not for profit website. We are a community of thousands of members who are straight, gay, lesbian and both young and old. Our members come from diverse ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds from nearly every country on the planet. Our members care about making their own communities and the world a more just place for all. We have members who make a difference in their own communities as well as many working internationally as humanitarian and development workers.

Stories in the Media

We have started to get some attention from the mainstream media. A story was published in Newsweek on us as well as in the Globe and Mail from Canada. If you read German we were featured in Der Standard from Austria.


Humanitarian Dating is a paid dating site. However the site has many areas where you can particpate and meet our thousands of members as a free member. As a free member you are able to write blogs as well as post your profile and pictures. You can communicate with other members by posting comments on member blogs, photos and profiles.

Paid membership gives you extra forms of communication such as being able to chat, send flirts, access IM and allows you to write email messages to other members. Paid membership also allows you to manage networks so you can choose what photos and information you would like to share with friends in your network and what information you want other members to see.

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It is free to Blog on humanitarian dating and is part of the service if you are a free member. You will find bloggers on our site from all over the world working as aidworkers in humanitarian and international development settings as well bloggers discussing their own lives and communities.

Looking to meet people who:

  • care about the world
  • believe in equity and justice for all
  • make a difference at home or abroad

Then welcome to our community!

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  • unpretentious04 unpretentious04, Female

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    For: Soul mate

    Age: 31

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    For: Long term relationship

    Age: 33

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    For: Intellectual stimulation

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  • rinafrancesca is offline LEFT UNSPOKEN Posted on 04/18/2009 07:09 AM by rinafrancesca


    i was so sad for the simple words "i love you" was left unspoken..

    i have a sister named Dolly..we were not that close because of our age gap, she was 38 and i'm 20. She had a happy family, 3 children and a loving husband. But unfortunately, her life ended last month, February of 2009. She may be gone but she will always be loved and remember for the rest of my life..

    the moment i received the call from my sister who is a nurse and on duty on that day at the hospital, i was so shocked and i didn't know what to do. Ate Doll was at the intensive care unit for 2 days and all of us were hopeless because her blood clot was located in the brain stem. And then they decided to transfer Ate Doll at the private room and it was almost midnight when Ate Doll was transferred. On her first hours Ate Doll was pale but later that morning they were all screaming and shouting for joy when they saw Ate Doll's arm raised. We had our hopes back again, all of us were hoping and praying for her ...Read more

  • shazaiah_acraman is offline To Be My Friend Posted on 05/29/2012 11:08 AM by shazaiah_acraman

    To be my friend,
    You got to understand me well.
    If I’ll get sad,
    Then please don’t make me mad.
    If you want something,
    Just ask for it,
    And if I don’t give.
    Then don’t steal it away from me.
    There will come a time,
    When I’ll give if for free.
    That is the time,
    You’ll appreciate ...Read more